Dominique’s expertise and offerings

Dominique’s expertise and offerings
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Below you will find an overview of the different services I offer through The Hub.

1/ Individual coaching: “from personal to business strategy”.
Are you looking for a way to show the world your talents and capabilities as a unique human being in the form of your own business? Then this programme is made for you. Together we will make the journey to re-invent who you are in essence, your blueprint and your soul’s mission. Together we will build a business strategy in which you can transform who you really are into your own business. This way, you transform who you are to the benefit of society.

Duration 6 months to one year: €5000,00

2/ Lectures on various topics

Lectures are given within The Hub, but can also be given on request for diverse audiences.
In my lectures, I take a broad view on society, I unravel the belief systems we are stuck in, I offer tools to break free from the matrix and to learn to work with the potential of the quantum field. The lectures are intended for an audience that wants to be more conscious in life and feels that there is more than what we are led to believe…

Rates on request.

3/ Workshops around consciousness, releasing patterns, energy work, working with the quantum field…
These are organised within The Hub but can also be given on request.

Rates on request

4/ Individual coaching

In my individual coachings I work with your energy. I look for stuck patterns, trauma and old or new pain. I heal these by transforming the energy. Energetic healing works fast and efficiently. And makes your energy field complete again…

Price : €65,00 per hour

Sessions can be live or online.

My expertise:

§  Strategic and conceptual thinker

§  NLP Practitioner

§  Insight Discovery Practitioner

§  Energetic coach of consciousness

§  Transformational Presence

§  Subtle Mastery (healing energies)

§  Consultant in change processes at SME’s