Sensible in motion

495,00 11 hours

The code word is balance. Not in your household or in your bank account. No, you yourself! There is more and more noise. It is no longer surprising if you regularly lose your way and become out of balance. You are, as it were, ‘silenced’. This may even result in symptoms and complaints, both mental and physical. So, it’s just a matter of ‘time’. Daring to move by trusting your own perception, instinct, intuition and senses ensures that you become-are-remain resilient and can quickly restore your balance. Taking your time is crucial. Learn to create time for your wellness in your situation by creating a motion strategy. Sensible in motion designs your ideal motion strategy that you can easily adjust if things don’t go as planned. So you can always make choices that keep you on track to the destination you define.





    • A total of 8 sessions at inspiring locations on days of your choice;
    • Insight and understanding into movement, in general and for you in particular;
    • Aimed at strenuous relaxation and through recovery and prevention to resilience;
    • Always the best options for exercise for your situation;
    • Your own custom made resilient motion strategy that is always easy to adapt to new circumstances, no matter which level of fitness you are at the moment;
    • 5 one on one work out training sessions, taking into account as many aspects as possible such as complaints/injuries, specific wishes and preferences.

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